The Bio Oil Challenge

3:28 pm Victoria Nesbitt 0 Comments

So Bio Oil has been around for an age now right? Well for me it's something that I've never had to buy or even thought about buying, In the last year I've put on a fair amount of weight which has resulted in a lot of stretch marks that are extremely red and to be honest they don't look very nice. What I'm trying to say is that I'm self conscious of them.

Enter Bio Oil. The specialist skincare product for a variety of skin conditions including stretch marks and scars. Now, on the bottle it says that you should apply this twice a day for a minimum of three months before results are apparent. Challenge accepted. I will try anything within my budget to get rid of these little blighters. So in three months time I shall post progress pictures as I have taken one at the start of this process.

Please be aware that during this three month time space I will be actively trying to be healthier and therefore losing weight. I have no idea how or if this will affect their appearance.

Vic x


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